What is a network transformer?

The network transformer specifically has T1/E1 isolation transformer; ISDN/ADSL interface transformer; VDSL high-pass/low-pass filter module, interface transformer; T3/E3, SDH, 64KBPS interface transformer; 10/100BASE, 1000BASE-TX network filter; -DC converter; special transformer can also be designed according to customer needs. Products are mainly used in: high-performance digital switches; SDH/ATM transmission equipment; ISDN, ADSL, VDSL integrated services digital equipment; FILT fiber loop equipment; Ethernet switches, etc., such as Yutai Electronics' YL18-2050S, T37-1107S, etc. More common!

The data pump is a device that is available on a consumer PCI network card. The data pump is also called a network transformer or can be called a network isolation transformer.

It plays two main roles on a network card. One is to transmit data. The differential signal sent by the PHY is coupled and filtered by a differential-mode coupled coil to enhance the signal, and is coupled to different levels by electromagnetic field conversion. Connect the other end of the network cable; one is to isolate different levels between different network devices connected to the network cable to prevent different voltages from being transmitted through the network cable to damage the device. In addition, data mercury can also provide some lightning protection for equipment.

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