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Video surveillance system has entered the all-digital era. Today's video surveillance system has entered the all-digital era. The digital surveillance system is a brand-new monitoring system that combines computer network technology, multimedia technology and monitoring technology. It can connect the monitoring system and the computer network system, so that two independent systems can begin to merge and realize the real triple play (data, voice and image), and make a major breakthrough in the concept and method.


The product has image transmission function and fast signal transmission rate, small signal attenuation, waveform correction and other functions.

The network digital camera integrates the functions of image sound collection module, image sound processing module, image sound compression module and Ethernet controller to convert image and sound into data packets based on CP/P standard, so that the camera The captured picture is transmitted directly to the network via the Ethernet interface. Remotely monitor pictures and receive audio information over the network

LED control system includes: full color synchronization, full color lighting, full color asynchronous, two-color synchronous, two-color asynchronous and other products, long-term adoption by domestic and foreign LED manufacturers.

The product has the characteristics of long signal transmission distance, fast transmission speed, lightning protection and strong anti-interference ability.


Adaptive product for 10/100/1000base, supports multiple interface signal transmission

The isolation transformer used in LED TV and DVB has the characteristics of small signal attenuation, high transmission rate and high voltage isolation protection.

Used in remote meter reading. In the central control room, the remote automatic meter reading function can be implemented in real time through the network, which can form a regional meter reading network centered on the central control room. Due to the high network transmission rate, about one meter per second, it is possible to perform time-lapse meter reading and billing, identify the meter reading through the electronic eye, and strictly keep the electronic reading consistent with the meter reading.


Widely used in wireless home appliances, wireless receiving, remote management and use, full access to the material network system.

Support POE power supply function, is an adaptive product, supports a variety of interface signal transmission.

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