Application details

Network Communication Equipment

Our products are used in the following network communication equipment and products;

 Switch, router products

ADSL, VDSL, set-top box products

EOC terminal, optical transceiver

PC motherboard, laptop


Product parameters and characteristics;

The product complies with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u standard

Transmission rate 10/100Mbps, 1000Mbps, with different types of SMD products such as single product, dual port, 4 port, etc. to meet different design needs.

The product supports multi-port two-way transmission of information, fast information transmission rate, high-voltage isolation protection and lightning protection.


 It has the advantages of long transmission distance, good network adaptability and high bandwidth, which provides strong support for the promotion of triple play.

This product has obvious frequency division, small attenuation, high isolation, high frequency transmission capability, strong EMI performance, and the signal bidirectional transmission is not affected.


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